One day as I was waiting for one of my existing dentist clients, I overheard this conversation between his receptionist and one of his patients. The patient was so relieved and so satisfied with the treatment that he excitedly expressed the seemingly paradoxical phrase in front of other patients in the waiting room:

“Man, I Love My Dentist.”

The receptionist who, like most dental professionals, was not used to such praise, responded:

“Wow, thank you very much. I let the doctor know that.”

Another patient in a waiting room, also impressed and surprised by the passionate appreciation, added:

“Hahaha. That almost sounded like a bumper sticker phrase.”

The patient at the reception turned around and said:

“Well, if there were such stickers I would certainly put one on my car. Dr. Diaz is great and I want everybody to know.”

When I started the meeting with my client I brought up this conversation to him. We both laughed and agreed that it would actually be a great idea to have such bumper stickers to advertise his practice. In the next few days I designed similar “I Love My Dentist” car magnets and we started handing them out to his existing patients.

Next time I visited his office, his parking lot and the streets around his office were full of cars displaying the “I Love My Dentist” oval car magnets. It was shockingly impressive.

“You seem to be attracting a lot of new patients with these magnets Doc!” – I joked with my client.

He was laughing. – “Man, we have been so busy, I’m thinking about hiring a new associate. This stuff is better than word of mouth advertising. New patients come here already trusting us. Getting our treatment plans accepted is almost automatic. Crazy!”

“That’s great!” – I said. “If you are thinking about expanding, I have some new ideas for you. A big “I Love My Dentist” banner for your waiting room, larger car magnets for your car and your staff’s cars. Referral cards to make the whole campaign more comprehensive and more effective. 

Needless to say, inspired by that passionate phrase in my clients waiting room, we designed an amazing marketing program for his practice. Later I realized that this program is not just about dentists getting more new patient, but also could be utilized for any customer and client oriented business. Therefore we have been working hard making this greatly effective marketing method available to any small and medium size businesses where face to face interaction still matter.

We invite you to consider this very affordable and extremely effective marketing campaign to grow your business.

Thank you,
Laszlo Petruska
Director of Client Relations

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